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  • Nuova Bianca Furniture maker

    Experience, High Quality

  • 50 years of experience

    custom made wood furniture
    for pubs and restaurants


    custom made furniture
    for Hotels and accommodation facilities

  • Welcome in NUOVA BIANCA

    since 50 years, handmade wisdom
    into yuour houses

  • 50 years of experience

    of custom-made furniture for homes, shops, hotels, offices

Custom Furniture for Hotels, Bars, Shops, Offices and Homes

In our facilities we make custom-made furniture.
The machinery we have and the training of our staff allow in-house management of woodworking cycles.

Nothing but wood

Nuova Bianca Snc is the typical handicraft company, tailor made furniture manufacturer, composed of experienced and professional staff

50 years of experience

Founded in 1967, we have evolved over the years, equip us with machinery , and specialize in tailor-made production, exclusively on design, of bar, shop, hotels, offices, and home furnishings.


Thanks to the continuous collaboration with craftsmen working in different areas, NUOVA BIANCA is able to create complete furnishings that includes parts in any material: marble, steel, crystal, plexiglass, stainless steel, etc.

“In Romagna, the artisan tradition arises from the heart ... so the furnishings we make on a tailored basis have the charm of passion. ”

What our skilled craftsmen do

Competence, precision, professionalism
In our workshop, we realize custom-made furnishings. The internal management of woodworking cycles is completely internal...
Before the actual assembly, a pre-installation is carried out in special spaces at our headquarters.
Our company is able to realize complete furnishings of every item required ...